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Email Marketing with Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is a fully managed Email Marketing program.

The Campaign Manager program is designed as a real-time personal interface so you, the client have immediate access to the email campaigns responses.

This supplies you access to  the data to track and analyse recipient responses and campaign results. Management of your broadcasts and response tracking is the essential feature. 

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Web Marketing 

Most SME's know how effective marketing can be, few however have the time to create the correct strategy, implement and monitor the plan.

E-business marketing covers many issues, we can supply the answers you need, determining your target audience, reaching into the marketplace, honing in on the successful campaigns, eradicating the unsuccessful, branding of your product - effectively.

Need to increase your sales, and business profile? Let your new customers know you exist - contact us now.

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Taking Advantage of Search Engines 

Registration of your website to the search engines.
Optimisation of your website - includes copywriting and content requirements.

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Web Design & Development

Complete web design and development services of new web sites for small to medium businesses, and enhancement and development for existing sites.

  • Content Management Systems
    edit and maintain your own web pages 
  • E-commerce
    shopping cart, credit card processing facilities
  • Web Site Hosting



Copywriting services are available by skilled professionals, both in the traditional media and for e-business. 

Copywriting for content on web pages should incorporate search engine optimisation, while still retaining your message. 

Email promotions have a different set of rules, these must be adhered to in order to handle anti-Spam filters.


Corporate Video and CD Design and Production

Supplying complete design and production of educational and corporate CDs, video and film.

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