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Web Marketing

The internet has provided business the ability to compete on a level playing field. In today's highly competitive marketplace, you have the opportunity to gain the competitive edge. 

Although different principles are applied in comparison to traditional marketing strategies, the objectives and outcomes are the same.

Marketing Principles for the Web

Al Ries, one of the world's most recognised marketing strategists says, "The internet is a major new mass-communications medium. It is interactive. You need to get your customers and prospects to interact with your message. You have to know how you want them to interact."

What would your public want to see on your website?
How and why would they use it - what is in it for them?
What do you want your public to do?

Site Navigation
One of the most important aspects is making your website easy to navigate. People will go to your website to obtain information, expecting to access that information swiftly and effortlessly.

Content Credibility
The content of your website and how it is presented is vital. The best websites contain copy that is clear, simple and concise.

Your information needs to be credible. If your site is well written it will automatically have more credibility.

 Writing for the web has to be adapted to the online medium. Content must also utilize and attract the search engines.

How people look at websites

  • 79% of users scan pages rather than read them word for word.
  • People only read 75% of the text and ignore the details, even when reading articles.
  • 78% of readers look at the text, while 22% of users are drawn to graphics.
  • People's eye's move differently when reading on screen. When we go to a web page our eyes go to the middle of the screen first, instead of left to right.

(Based on the studies of Jakob Nielsen, a US engineer who has studied Internet communications and usability since the early 1980's) 

Develop a strategy to steer visitors to your site
As a part of your overall marketing mix, you need to develop a strategy that will lead prospects to your website.

Unless you have a totally unique service, you have competitors in your industry. Your objective will be to give your company/product or service a point of difference. There are numerous ways you can do this efficiently and effectively.

A Free Web Assessment

We can inspect your site and supply you with an online report.

Contact us with your website address and provide us an overall view of:

  • The purpose of your site
  • Who are you talking to i.e. your target market
  • Your category i.e. what kind of product/service

There is no obligation for this service, we would be happy to provide a personal consultation should you wish to arrange a convenient time.



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