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Taking Advantage of Search Engines

Question: Is anyone looking for your product or service on line?
Question: Can they find you?
Question: Why use Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful technique for online marketing.

Do-It-Yourself Registration

Merely submitting to search engines isn't an assurance that you will receive any new visitors. Statistically - if the public can not find your website in the first 10 to 20 matches of their search, then your submission was unsuccessful. 

ROI - Return On Investment

Search Engine Optimisation offers a very high return on investment and there are several reasons why. Generally up to 80% of customers commence each of their Internet sessions at a major search engine. 

Any person locating your site on a search engine is someone who was specifically looking for your company, product or service. That makes it highly probable that they may buy something, more so than if they had clicked on a banner ad out of curiosity. 

According to current studies the average cost of attracting someone to your site via a search engine is between $0.08 - $0.22.

World Domination

A small number of the world's numerous search engines have begun to dominate customers' attention.

We offer a comprehensive search engine registration and optimisation service that targets the most popular search engines on the Internet and ensures your website will be found in the top position(s) on these search engines.



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