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Search Engine Registration

You will come across many Search Engine Registration services on the Internet. Most of them promise instant registration to thousands of Search Engines around the world.

Unfortunately, these automated services do little in terms of promoting your web site. The prime purpose of many of these so-called Search Engines to which you will have your site submitted is in fact to collect email addresses for bulk email lists. The only result will be that your inbox will be flooded with email advertising.

The reality is that there is currently only about 10 Search Engines and Internet Directories of any importance. They account for the vast majority of searches by Internet users.

It is vital that your site be submitted to these Search Engines and that this is done in the proper manner. Each has it's own policies and procedures which are best adhered to if you wish to attain a prompt listing. It is becoming more common for of the major Search Engines frown upon automated submissions.

Our Search Engine registration service will submit your web site to the major Search Engines and Directories, as well as any industry-specific directories that are relevant to your business.

All our submissions are done manually to ensure as smooth and prompt listing as is possible.



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