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Search Engine Optimisation

According to Brand Week Online Magazine: 

"Search engine optimisation may be just one part of an online Internet marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part. If you are doing nothing else, search engine placement and keyword-related advertising can make up 80 to 90 percent of your traffic."

Lets face it if you haven't yet taken action towards optimising your web site, you are in effect being left behind and giving your competitors the leading edge.

Email Permission Marketing and Promotions recommends Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) be incorporated from the start on all new websites. Saving you money from the beginning.

Whether you are building a new website, or requiring optimisation for your established website on the search engines - our SEO process will:

  • fine tune your entire website
  • enhance it's performance
  • increase its rating in all the major search engines

How you ask? - search engine optimisation campaigns that provide success contain several vital elements, our skilled IT department include all these elements:

  • keyword selection
  • keyword saturation throughout the site
  • site design elements
  • site navigation elements
  • HTML coding
  • link popularity
  • submission order

Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting

SEO copywriting is specialised copywriting that involves interweaving keywords and key phrases into marketing copy. The purpose of search engine optimisation copywriting is to gain prime positioning for the desired key phrases, as well as increase page conversion rates.

We can provide you with the services of a professional web copywriter. The service includes a complete evaluation of the web site, including spelling, grammar, flow, promotional impact, and rewriting as necessary. 



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