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Email Marketing with Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager - a fully managed Email Marketing strategy

Our Campaign Manager program is designed as a real-time personal interface so you, the client have immediate access to the email responses.
This gives you access to the data you need to track and analyse data lists and campaign results.

Management of your broadcasts and response tracking is the essential  feature.

The Campaign Manager program ensures your business can cope with the increased business demands - staffing schedules, packaging and fulfilment issues by managing the broadcasts to align with your business hours and services.

For a no-obligation demonstration of Campaign Manager, please contact us.

Improve Customer Relations 

The key objective of online permission marketing is to enable your business to keep in touch with customers and prospects and to develop long term and profitable relationships.

Increasing your customer relations by converting existing customers into loyal customers. Professionally focusing on these customers will save you time and money, compared to the expense associated with finding new customers.

Campaign Manager provides you with an organized, managed and time efficient campaign. Free yourself up to spend time on other important issues.

Email Marketing Campaign's can be planned for all target markets, B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) including communications to and from suppliers, manufacturers & distributors.

Instant & Relevant Communications

Communicate swiftly with personalized email messages. Our program enables immediate response measurement. High speed broadcasts - within minutes of hitting the send button recipients will receive, open, read and be called to action to your email message (Call to action i.e. respond to your offer, click on a link to your web site, sign up for your newsletter, order and purchase your product on line).

Lists and List Building

You may already have an email database, if so, this can  be electronically imported into Campaign Manager and made ready for deployment.

If you do not have a list, and require to build one we can advise on the process to generate a 100% opt-in house list. This list will develop into a valuable asset to your business.

We personally prefer a house list be provided for email permission marketing purposes. Because of the impending Anti-Spam legislation, it is advisable to build your own list - guaranteeing a 100% opt-in  with full unsubscribe facilities attached.

Our staff will provide guidance and staff training in your place of business should you require a set-up programme be implemented. This service is charged at a fixed half a day, or full day fee

List's are also available for hire or purchase to kick start your campaign.

Bulk Emailing

Do you already have an email database?
We can provide complete email merging, delivery management, tracking and reporting for anything from 100 to 100,000 emails.

Campaign Manager will professionally manage and track your email messages.

Track and measure responses - access Campaign Manager 24/7

Once we have sent your email message, you can track its progress confirming how many recipients opened the email, when it was opened, what they clicked on, which links were they interested in etc - within minutes of the broadcast. Collect information that enables you to mine for leads, product research, and sales trends etc.

Low Cost - Value for Money

In comparison to postage and printing costs, email broadcasting is cheap.

  • Initial fees include a set-up fee (once only).
    This includes connection to the Campaign Manager program and email sending and landing facilities.
  • Templates are chosen for each separate list, service or product - a fixed fee is charged for  each template. 
  • Re-using the same template design is recommended (to create familiarity to the recipient ) thus a saving on design and artwork.
  • A fee is charged for the insertion of (supplied) content and (supplied) images for the templates.
  • Copywriting and graphic design services are available.

The cost of your email marketing campaign will depend on the size of your database, if copywriting and design services are  required and the depth of reporting   required.

Simply supply us a brief by phone or email or contact us for a personal meeting to determine your campaign roll-out and  financial outlay.

A successful email campaign

A successful email campaign will:

  • Drive traffic to your website or direct customers to your retail store
  • Increase sales
  • Allow you to Save Time and Money - by pitching to only your target market
  • Elicit additional customers
  • Supply leads for your sales department
  • Educate public on your product or service
  • Change current market perceptions of your product or service
  • Supply market research information
  • Keep customers informed of any special event, seasonal or special offers
  • Improve sales turn around time, selling time is shortened - increasing cash flow.
  • Assist in the scheduling of production fulfilment
  • Assist in scheduling staff - predicting increased staffing requirements
  • Supply a high response rate to offers
  • Creates a loyalty factor, increasing customer relationships
  • Allows tracking of recipients actions and effectiveness of campaigns
  • Builds online and offline customer base

List Management

Lists Management includes:

  • Inclusion of new opt-in customers
  • The instant activation of any "unsubscribe" requests
  • The purging of lists where bounce backs occur
  • Broadcasts are monitored and managed in real time



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