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CD and Media Production

At Email Permission Marketing and Promotions, we have in place all the technology to:

  • compile
  • burn a master music CD
  • handle the copyright
  • handle the licensing paperwork with AMCOS and APRA
  • the graphic design and printing of the slips and booklets
  • organise duplication of the CD's together with a selection of cases

Custom Mini CDs

We can manufacture the discs to create mini 8cm CD's, business card size CD's and even amazing die-cut CD's, which can be unique for each client. Also providing a full range of cases that can be custom designed. 

Prices vary for the individual products. We supply a quote on application. Unfortunately, there isn't a standard price because there are so many different combinations of CD, content, label and packaging. 

The service comprises the following:

  1. Mastering audio
    From recording and composing original music to writing scripts and producing voice-overs, sound design and complete audio production. We can create audio components or compile and edit existing audio to the finished master stage ready for duplication.
  2. Artwork design and production plus packaging
    What most people don't know is that CD's are not only the traditional 12cm discs that we have all been used to playing. Now they also come in a myriad of different shapes and sizes and still play on your standard CD player. Not just the mini 8cm discs but all kinds of amazing custom-designs to excite the customer and create an individual image for your company, product or service. CD labels and package designs are just the beginning of creating a visual impact for your audio message.
  3. Copyright & Licensing
    We can negotiate the rights to use existing songs if you need them so your business is fully compliant with all the possible legal copyright requirements.
  4. Manufacture & Delivery
    We will manage your CD project from conception to the manufacture and delivery of any number of units. We guarantee the highest standards with no number too great or too small.



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